ASRS – Questionnaires to assess Autism Spectrum Disorders will soon be available for purchase


ASRS or Autism Spectrum Rating Scale is designed to assess and measure behaviours associated with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). ASD can be described as biologically conditioned set of behaviours which can occur on many different levels and may be more or less severe. ASD is a complicated clinical term but a set of questionnaires ASRS may significantly facilitate assessment and treatment of autism spectrum disorders.

Each version of ASRS can very well distinguish children diagnosed with ASD from among general population. This ability was confirmed by means of both the classical comparison of averages test and discriminative functions analysis.

ASRS grasps the wide variety of behaviours associated with ASD including deficiences in communication skills, attention deficits and difficulties in the relations with peers and adults. It also includes assessment criteria of ASD as defined in DSM-IV-TR.

In addition the ASRS questionnaire allows to assesss attention deficits which are not captured by the main assessment axes of the DSM classification. Clinical observation shows, however, that these deficits usually accompany the main ASD symptoms.

ASRS has two versions: regular and short. The administration time for the former is 15 minutes, for the latter it is 5 minutes. The regular versions allow to describe various dimensions of child's functioning, whereas the short ones give you only the overall score. Psychometric characteristics of the short version are similar to the overall score of the regular version.

ASRS questionnaires can be administered during individual or group sessions. When instructed by the psychologist teachers can fill out the questionnaire without psychologist's supervision.


  • Individual assessment – precisely defined norms allow for a reliable and objective comparison of child's score with normalization group
  • Screening – ASRS can be used for assessing groups of children in kindergardens or schools to point out those in need of further assessment, intervention or treatment. The short versions of ASRS were designed precisely for screening purposes – their validity and reliability are very high and they are good predictors of the overall score in the regular version.
  • Evaluation of treatment – ASRS scores can be a good indicator of effectiveness of individual or group interventions or treatments
  • Application in research – ASRS measures a wide variety of behaviours associated with ASD; it gives the possibility to relate scores to a group diversified in regards to age (2-18); validity and reliability of the ASRS scales are very high which is important for any research project.

ASRS will be available for purchase in September 2016.

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