Adjective Check List ACL


We will soon extend our assortment with the Adjective Check List ACL by H.G. Gough & A.B. Heilbrun, in the Polish adaptation by the Team of the Psychological Test Laboratory of the Polish Psychological Association. For the first time it will be available as a commercial tool.

The ACL is designed to assess several personality aspects of adolescents and adults. It can be applied in both scientific research and individual diagnosis. The examinee has to choose from 300 adjectives the most personally fitting ones. The adjectives build up 37 scales, e. g. need scales, topical scales, Transactional Analysis scales – intellectence scales, and modus operandi scales.

The ACL is applied mostly to obtain self-description. The tool can also be used in many other ways, i.e. to examine cultural archetypes or stereotypes, to diagnose ideal self, in environmental psychology research and many other areas. It may be administered as an observational scale, when persons knowing the examinee have to select appropriate adjectives.

Purchasable from the end September 2012.

Adjective Check List ACL
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