The ABAS-3 is available for purchase!


The Psychological Tests Laboratory has already completed the process of Polish adaptation of the ABAS-3. Adaptive Behavior Assessment System is a tool which allows to assess adaptive behaviors necessary for effective and independent functioning within a society.          

The ABAS-3 is a first tool available on the Polish market designed specifically to assess adaptive behaviors in children and adolescents. It is, above all, an excellent tool to measure the level of social adptation which is the second criterion – besides the level of intellectual functioning – used in the intellectual disability diagnosis. Moreover, the ABAS-3 can be appllied to:

  • help diagnose and specify development and behavior disorders
  • diagnose functional limitations in children and adolescents with disorders and disabilities
  • certify the necessity on the part of examinee to receive additional forms of asssistance
  • plan and monitor therapies or trainings
  • evaluate therapeutic programs or therapeutic effectiveness studies.


The ABAS-3 is available for purchase!
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