Study and manual:
Elżbieta Koźniewska, Andrzej Matuszewski (2003)
Elementary school - first-fourth graders.
Individual administration, time depends on child's skill and pace of work.
Test users:
Psychologists (psychology diploma required).

This test stems from the adaptation of a psychometric study “Samples of aural perception of words”, by Barbara Zakrzewska. It measures phonological and metaphonological skills.     

DESCRIPTION: This test contains three types of tasks which require: aural synthesis of words (10 tasks), aural analysis of words (10 tasks), and aural differentiating of words (48 tasks). Results are analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively.

RELIABILITY: High coefficients of stability and internal consistency.

VALIDITY: Correlations with scores of the Reading and writing tests for grades 1-3 confirm the diagnostic and prognostic validity of the tool.

NORMS: Standard ten norms for six age groups of children aged 6;10-10;9, developed on the basis of all-Poland sample comprising 400 firth-fourth graders (200 boys& 200 girls).

APPLICATIONS: Assessment of school readiness and reading/writing problems.

•    Kit (manual, 25 sheets)
•    Manual
•    Answer sheets (25 copies)

*Published by Centrum Metodyczne Pomocy Psychologiczno-Pedagogicznej (Methodic Centre for Psychological and Pedagogical Assistance).

Please note: All of our tests are published in Polish. There are not available other language versions of our tools.

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