Anna Frydrychowicz (2003)
Individual assessment of the child and parent while they both perform the test assignment; approx. 20 min.
Test users:
Psychologists (psychology diploma required).

This test assesses the effectiveness of child-parent communication behaviour in a task situation.

DESCRIPTION: The examiner observes the behaviour of the child and its parent (father or mother) using two separate observation scales (D for the child and R for the parent) consisting of 15 and 19 items respectively. The task during which the psychologist conducts the observation involves the parent “leading” the child by means of verbal cues along a route on a schematic town plan.

RELIABILITY: Satisfactory internal consistency and stability of both scales.

VALIDITY: Determined on the basis of correlations between the scales (separately for males and females), factor analysis and correlations of the test scores with measures of the child and parent’s temperament and the child’s mental development.

NORMS: Provisional standard ten norms for two age levels: 6 – 7 and 8 – 9 (scale D) and three levels of parental education (scale R).

APPLICATIONS: Educational counseling (optimization of tutoring for children by parents or professionals).

•    Kit (manual, child’s board, parent’s board, screen, 25 recording sheets)
•    Manual
•    Child’s board
•    Parent’s board
•    Screen
•    Recording sheets (25 copies)

* Published by Centralny Ośrodek Metodyczny Poradnictwa Wychowawczo-Zawodowego (the Methodic Centre for Psychological and Pedagogical Assistance)

Please note: All of our tests are published in Polish. There are not available other language versions of our tools.

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