It is a pleasure for us to inform that the Coucil of Europe formally recommends the book Wybrane zagadnienia diagnozy psychologicznej dzieci i młodzieży w kontekście wielokulturowości oraz wielojęzyczności  (Problems of the psychological assessment of children and adolescents in the multicultural and multilingual context) as an example of best practices. The book was published by the Centre for the Development of Education working for the Ministry of Education.

The second national conference “Science and management” organized by the Chair of Work and Organization Psychology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań will be held under Laboratory's patronage. The aim of the conference is to create common space for the exchange of knowledge and experience between academic researchers and practitioners in business and management.


The International Test Commission Conference was held on 4-10 July. ITC joins together psychological associations, test publishers and other organisations from all around the world which are committed to promotion of test using that is effective and observes ethical standards. This year's Conference was entittled Improving Policy and Practice: Opportunities and Challenges in an International Context and the venue was Vancouver in Canada.


The 2nd Cracow Assessment Conference entitled “New Assessment Methods for Children and Adults” was organized jointly by the Cracow branch of the Polish Psychological Society and the Department of Applied Psychology of Jagiellonian University. The conference was held on 20 June 2016 at the Department of Managment and Social Communication of Jagiellonian University.

We are happy to inform that we have just signed documents extending our co-operation with Pearson Group, regarding the publication o Wechsler's Test (WISC-R and WAIS-R), California Vocabulary Learning Test (CVLT), Raven's Progressive Matrices (TMK, TMR, TMS, TMZ) and Rotter Incomplete Sentence Blank (RISB).


ETPG or European Test Publishers Group includes all leading test publishers from all over Europe. Once a year one of the members organizes a 3-days conference whose main goal is to summarize activities of the Group members. It is also an opportunity to inspire new activities and exchange ideas between European test publishers. This year it was the Laboratory which had an honour to organize the event.


We have just finished the cycle of training for participants in the normalization process of our new tool, Intelligence and Development Scales for Children and Adolescents IDS-2. The normalization itself will be a huge undertaking: the sample will consist of 1800 respondents aged 5-20 and living all over Poland.


The event launching our CUIDA questionnaire, designed to assess candidates for adoptive parents, legal guardians and mediators, took place on Tuesday, May 17 in the Apteka Sztuki gallery.

The event was a nice occasion to thank all those who were actively engaged in the CUIDA normalization process as well as to make acquainted with the questionnaire employees of other institutions which assess candidates for guardians.

Polish Psychological Society starts issuing certificates for persons using tests in work and organization environment. Obtaining certificate in Poland is a condition of getting the European EFPA EuroTest-WO certificate.

What are the advantages of the certificate?

The 2nd Conference on Positive Psychology was held at the University of Humanities and Social Sciences SWPS in Poznan between 12 and 14 May 2016. It was co-organized, together with the University, by The Polish Society for Positive Psychology. Our Laboratory sponsored the event.

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