Beck Depression Inventory - 2nd Edition

Beck Depression Inventory - 2nd Edition is a self-rate tool designed to measure depression in psychiatrically diagnosed patients, both adults and adolescents aged 13 or more.

BD-II was created with the purpose of obtaining general depression and depression intensity rates. The inventory is designed for screen analysis and the scores should be interpreted with caution if it is the only tool to be used. It consists of 21 items and the standard administation takes approx. 5-10 minutes; only patients with grave depression or obsessive disorders may need more time.

BD-II is based on clinical data and experience gathered over the period of 35 years (incl. the earlier versions BD-I and BD-IA). Basic information on the psychometric qualities of the inventory in its original version was obtained from 500 ambulatory psychiatric patients.

The normalization research will start in 2017.

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